Photo credit: Israel Bénédict
JEAN-LUC BOUDREAU has been making recorders since 1980, after having studied science and music. His main interest is the development of instruments inspired by early recorders found in various collections. These handmade concert recorders are classified into two families, Baroque and Renaissance, and allow all repertoire written for the recorder to be explored.
Aesthé recorders result from the demand for affordable high quality instruments. They are totally produced in our workshop with the distinction of being finished and tested according to the standards of high-end Boudreau recorders.
As well, the workshop does a lot of research into manufacturing methods using the latest technology, and offers its expertise for specific projects related to the manufacture of wind instruments, such as flutes, clarinets, oboes, etc.
SODEC Excellence in Exporting Award 2001
France-Québec Métiers d'Arts Award 2004
OPUS Tribute to an instrument maker 2002
CALQ Grant Holder - Research & Innovation 1994
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